What is the Savannah Arsenal Project?

“A failure to plan is a plan to fail.”

– Benjamin Franklin –

Medical emergencies, job loss, extended illness, violent crime, hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes, wildfires, terrorism, riots and social unrest, nuclear accidents. In the aftermath of a major disaster the unprepared general population will be anxious and panicked. There may be mass casualties. Utilities will be down. There will be no electricity, fresh water, garbage collection, or communications. Survivors may be confused, panicked, sick, injured, thirsty, hungry, hot, cold, and alone in the dark. Groups may be desperately hunting for what they need to survive and may try to steal whatever precious supplies you may have. There will be no rescue, law enforcement, or medical resources to help you.

If from the beginning of your planning you understand that you will be on your own after a major disaster, then you won’t be in for any surprises after it happens. Accept the fact that bad things happen, and that you can’t depend on anyone to take care of you when they do. Once you have, it is time start getting prepared.

Savannah Arsenal’s mission is to share information and resources that may help you to feed and protect your family during man-made and natural disasters. There are many prepper and survival blogs on the Al Gore’s incredible internet, and this is one of them. This scope of this website is certainly not intended to be the final authority with regards to safety and survival, but rather to serve as a springboard or guide to the many online resources available to you on your journey to being prepared. Savannah Arsenal is by no means to be a substitute for proper training and frequent practice, but intended rather to be a collective wisdom of anyone interested in contributing. Most of the information found within is written from actual experience. Some information is “borrowed” from other sources. I try to give credit where credit is due. Throughout the blog there are pages on water, food, shelter, heating or air-conditioning, lighting, first-aid & medical care, hygiene, transportation, security, and self recovery. This isn’t everything that there is to know, but it’s everything that we know. If we don’t have the answer here, we should at least be able to point you in the right direction. We learn more everyday, so this website continues to grow almost daily.

Please note that many of the photos used on this website to illustrate a point were found on public forums, and Pinterest or other similar websites with no known origination source. I have done my best to avoid copyrighted material. If you find a photo is your intellectual property and would like it removed, simply contact me with the page and name of the photo and I’ll be glad to take it down, or give you credit for it, or link it to your website. For your trouble I’d be glad to link to your blog or website further down on this sidebar.

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What Is A Prepper?

“The arrogance of man is thinking that he is in control.”

-From the Motion Picture, Godzilla (2014)-

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Where To Start:

“To every man, there comes in his lifetime that special moment when he is tapped on the shoulder and offered the chance to do a very special thing, unique and fitted to his talents. What a tragedy if that moment finds him unprepared and qualified for the work that would be his finest hour.”

-Sir Winston Churchill-

If you a former Boy Scout, a veteran of the military, work in the medical profession, work in law enforcement or fire / rescue, a pilot, or an avid outdoorsman, then you most likely have already be instilled with the survivor mindset and have a firm grasp of many of the skill-sets on this site. This blog will be a good review. If don’t have any similar type of life experience and training then you will have to make a concerted effort to develop the survivor mindset so that you will be ready when the SHTF scenario occurs. This blog will be a good place to begin your journey.

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There is a block at the bottom of each page where you can leave comments. Your contributions are needed. Please feel free to post any helpful comments, information, or experiences that may help other readers. Use a fictitious name so that your identity will be protected. Your email address will not be posted.

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8 comments on “Home

  1. In these changing times where anything from a Natural Disaster to Civil Unrest/ Fallout, its good to have these things foremost so you can keep you and your loved ones alive and safe.


  2. Someone add me for communications articles…Have a lot to add! I can talk to Europe and Aisia almost ever day as a ham radio operator. Have made 100 country contacts and worked all states….Have a lot of info at my fingertips….Personal experience! would love to help out!


  3. Wow, how cool is this? You see, I grew up in Savannah, and it moved away for quite a few years. I wanted this site to be a product of the city of Savannah, and after looking around a little bit, I was sure that it was, and that made me happy. I have lived in Tennessee, Colorado, Nevada, Kentucky, very briefly in California and Utah, Alabama, and Panama, but Savannah has always been home. I have been away for about 20 years, but at the very least I’m back in Georgia, just outside of the Atlanta area. Very soon I’m going to be coming back through Savannah to visit friends, and to rehash some old times.
    My mother, who is the reason that I grew up in Savannah, has been very complacent lately, and I’ve been telling her for at least six months now, actually more like a year, but things are changing, and that some uncertain times are ahead. She has told me on countless occasions, the things are always changing, and that we always go through times like this. I tried to explain to her how, now things are much different, but she has always disagreed. Recently, she has admitted to her mistakes, in a way, and it melted that things are a little bit uncertain. I have told her that that is only the beginning, and the times are surely going to get more and more uncertain. Preparation is the only way to be able to be certain but you can survive these times, my preparation is the only way to ensure any comfort and certainty through these times.
    The whole reason that I’ve come to Atlanta, although I have told her for a different reason, wants to be near my family so that I could help when times did get difficult. Fortunately for me, things have got a little crazy so she is more susceptible to my suggestion, and willing to do things that she wouldn’t have done the past, to help with my plan. Also, fortunately, the government is printing out money as if there is no ill side effect of doing so. They are following the belief that the more money that we print, the more rich that we are. This has allowed me to purchase more ammo at this difficult time, round out my gun collection a little, convinced my mother and my sister to buy a pistol, to buy several cases of MREs I want to pack my bug out bag with more of the things that I need, as well as by some of those things let you know will help but are often too expensive to really by, like night vision devices and so on. If things can hold on till the beginning of next year, I will be extremely well set, and hopefully I will have enough time to find some land within a half hour of here that I can set up shop on. As we are right at the foothills at the Blue Ridge Mountains oh, and I started the Appalachian Trail, I would like to find something slightly elevated with a nearby cave system, but I’ll take what I can get. I can produce and store some energy quietly, and we will have about 10 people, I’ll be at two of them women and three of them younger, but we will have five able-bodied men hopefully and arms for everyone. I’m trying to get some seeds in the ground right now, and I almost bought a freeze dry oven, but $3,000 was a little more than I can spend. Hopefully that will change soon, because there is no better and cheaper way to have food backed up then to have freeze-dried food, and after the initial $3,000 investment, it becomes fairly cheap to do and the shelf life is longer by far find anything else out there. I’m going to buy a reloading station, and I am going to buy so good brass ammo where are the brass can be reused, and materials to reload a couple of thousand rounds per caliber, and only then will I feel like I have met my goal I’ve being fairly self supportive.
    Now that I know of your website, I’m going to check in every day and see what I can get from it. I was very seriously considering starting up a YouTube page, and facet Pawn preparing yourself for a societal collapse or natural disaster. Maybe I can reference your site, as you seem to have a well-rounded supply of information available, and likewise, when I come into the area in the next few weeks or months oh, I would like to visit you guys and see what you have going on down there. I remember my first situation I’m probably a natural disaster, was when I was about five years old, and Hurricane David. We got Inland and weather the storm out and my step dad’s parents house oh, and I remember being somewhat terrified, and then coming out afterwards and seeing huge live oak trees lay down on their side. Savannah is a beautiful city, and in ways, there is no other City anything like it. I really do miss it, and I do look forward to a visit. I also look forward to reading and learning from your site, so thank you for taking the time to make it, and allowing us all to partake and run from it, as a free resource. I will see if I can donate some way. Take care, be safe, and I can’t wait to learn more about you, and possibly speak in the future. Until then…

    T. Bunn


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