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  1. Just a thought for all: During major crisis situations such as Katrina, critical communications such as land line phones and cell phones can be lost or even turned off. In many such cases, the only long range communication available to civilians is through amateur (ham) radio. Hams have well tested emergency service networks that provide crucial communications capabilities in times of need. It would be highly beneficial to anyone interested in maintaining communications during emergency/disaster situations to obtain a ham license, radio, and enough skill to effectively communicate. I earned my Technician and General license a few years ago, and obtained a used HF radio. Morse Code is no longer required, so it is a simple matter of studying the test guides and taking the tests. Get in touch with some fellow hams and learn how to use the emergency networks. You will be doing yourself and your community a great service.


  2. HANDS DOWN ( err…up ) BEST SITE i’ve found.
    Mission obj.: To find codes relating radios & licensing.
    Tactic: Use Google for recon of MANY posible mission obj. sites.
    Sit-rep: During recon chose Savannah Arsenal and while on site gathering intel, I was flash banged by the amount quality and detail of information. While stuned now. Upon recovovery I’m confident Savannah Arsenal will fullfill well more than ever expected.Thank you all. Few things, at glance, makes me think that business w/ you, adv’ers/affil’s may be poss.I’ll jot a note later. Man (sic) great job, thank you for the hard work and your time.
    Sincerely, Dale Hume p.s. u r bookmarked at top and will check site time to time.


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