3 comments on “Centerfire Handguns

  1. I really like your site, tons of information and useful survival tips. With all of the police trade ins lately I would hope you all could include the very viable .40S&W as a survival arm. The Beretta Px4 is also missing from Beretta line, imho the Px4 in 9, .40 or .45 is an awesome alternative choice fro those who do not like certain offerings by other makers


    • Thanks! I glad that you find it useful.

      .40 S&W has been discussed on here as a viable survival caliber.

      PX4 info has been added to the Beretta Semi-Auto page. The only thing that would give me pause with the PX4 is lack of public popularity or mass use by law enforcement or the military. The more popular and widely used a pistol is, the more accessories are available (magazines, holsters, sights, spare parts, etc.). Also, the more it is in use, the more likely that any design flaw will become apparent and widely known.


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