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Magnified Optics:

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Red Dot Optics for .22LR Rifles:

Bushnell TRS-25:

Bushnell Red DotIf you buy a cheap red-dot optic you will usually end up with junk that can not produce a bright enough reticle to be seen in bright sunlight, and probably will not be able to handle the constant abuse of firearm recoil. The Bushnell TRS-25 (pictured right), while not cheap, is still reasonably priced from around $80 – $120 (depending on where you purchase it, and whether it is on sale or not). The TRS-25 has been tested on .375 H&H Magnum rifles. If it can survive that massive recoil, it certainly can handle the almost non-existent recoil of a .22LR rifle. The TRS-25 has 11 brightness setting.

I have two of the red-dot sights and I have never needed to use the brightness settings, even on the sunniest of days. It has a 3 MOA red-dot reticle. I zero the red-dot at 20 yards. Bullet impact at 50 yards is still within the upper third of the dot. Point-of-sight and point-of-impact are the same again at 66 yards. At 100 yards the bullet will impact just to bottom of the dot. With the 20 yard zero you will hit what ever you put the dot on out past 66 yards, and will only require slight holdover as your near 100 yards. My two children can routinely hit spent shotgun shells with impunity all the way out past 30 yards, and tennis balls past 60 yards. I have several friends that have these same sights on their Ruger 10/22 rifles and absolutely love them.

Note: Make sure that you use LocTite on the screw when you mount the sight to your rifle. Keep an extra CR-2032 battery with your rifle. If you leave the TRS-25 turned on it will not automatically shut off and the battery will probably be dead when you go to use it again.

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These work great. I would consider them essential gear for any tube fed rifle that is chambered for .22 Short, .22LR, or .22 Magnum. They are cheap, and you can store them loaded indefinitely. They can be purchased from Cheaper Than Dirt.

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