13 comments on “AR-15 — Methods For Zeroing A2 Type Sights

  1. OUTSTANDING procedures that ALL others I’ve read (and failed) are completely confusing not to mention even if one isn’t familiar with BDC sights that’s obviously wrong. Now maybe I’ll really start using my le6920 across the course and know this site as goood as my M1A’s. THANKS again.


    • Kick ass. I’m glad that it helped. I had a 20″ Colt HBAR for 15 years and I never really understood the nuances of the sight system. After all of this research and experimenting I hate that I sold it. I now have a 16″ Smith & Wesson M&P Sport that I purchased so that my kids could wear out the barrel with steel case ammo and .22LR with a conversion kit. I put a Rock River Arms A-2 sight on it and set it up with the Revised Improved BZ Method. I have an exact setting for 25 meters (I can’t shoot enough to tell a difference at 25 yards), 50 yards, and 100 yards. I can then put it on the “3” or “4” setting and hit steel targets at 300 and 400 yards. I’m pretty sure that I’m making occasional 500 yard hits, but 5.56mm doesn’t hit the steel hard enough at that distance to be heard very well. The next time that we are shooting it at the range I’ll have someone spot it for me and let me know if I’m getting hits.

      Please keep us posted how it works for you.


  2. Fantastic article on the sighting options! It is a one stop shop for dialing in the irons. I have some questions on the 20 inch rifle running the RIBZ zero. If you set rear sight knob at “Z” setting for the 25 meters (27 yards) sight in, wouldn’t the 25 and 300 meter adjustment = “Z” setting instead of 25 meters = “Z” and 300 meters = 6/3 setting? Sorry too many years of shooting the A2 8/3 with Army’s 25/300 meter BZO. Trying to learn some new dope with that goofy 6/3 knob on an 20 inch rifle is a bit confusing at the moment. Thanks for taking time to write such a detailed and very helpful article.


    • Hi, Jerry.

      I’m glad that you found it helpful. It took a lot of research and experimenting to put it all together.

      To answer your question, the ONLY time that you use the “Z” setting is when you are zeroing a 20″ barrel rifle with a removable carry handle at 25 yards. When a 20″ rifle and removable carry handle combination is properly zeroed so that the bullets impact at point-of-aim at each setting (300 meters with the “3”, 400 meters with the “4”, etc.), then the near zero with the 6/3 setting is not 25 meters like it is with a 20″ barrel and fixed carry handle. It is somewhere around 31 meters. The “Z” setting lets you still use a 25 meter range and targets and properly zero your 20″ barrel and removable carry handle combo.

      Any time that you would practice with your rifle on a 25 meter range, then you would use the “Z” setting, but that would be the only time.

      Let us know how that works out for you.



  3. More of a question then anything else, I use a cross hair front sight post instead of the issued post. Would the formula change & if so, how? P. S. 16″, 55 gr. fixed carry handle.


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