Workplace Security

Workplace Security:

  • Never leave your purse, backpack or briefcase in plain view. Lock it up when you leave your desk or office.
  • Keep the office door locked if you work alone or before/after normal business hours.
  • Try to find another worker or a security guard to walk out with you if you work late.
  • Do not get in the elevator with another person if you do not feel comfortable with that person; take the next one. If you have to get in, stand next to the control panel so that if you are attacked, you can press the alarm and as many of the control buttons as possible.
  • Be alert for pickpockets on crowded elevators.

Suspicious Packages:

workplace-securitysuspicious-package-protocol-5-638 workplace-securitysuspicious-package-protocol-2-638 workplace-securitysuspicious-package-protocol-4-638

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