Bug-Out Bag (BOB)



Your bug-out bag is your sustainment load, or your gear needed to survive on the move for at least 72 hours. Your Bug-Out Bag is your sustainment load that will ensure that you will have enough drinking water, food, shelter, medical supplies, means of communications, and means of self-defense to sustain yourself throughout the emergency. With all that in mind you still want to remember that the purpose of the bag is to get you someplace safe within 72 hours, and not to build a log cabin in the woods, start a militia or hunt bears.

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Buy Only Quality Gear:

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Keep It Light Weight:

Your kit should be small and light enough to be portable should you have to bug out.  Your pack should weigh no more than 1/7 to 1/3 of your weight.  An old military saying: “Ounces equal pounds, and pounds equal pain”.   While there are many items that you would like to carry with you, there are many benefits to keeping an emergency bag as lightweight as possible:

  • Lighter loads means expending fewer calories, means carrying fewer calories.
  • Slightly reduced water consumption.
  • Smaller persons and females can handle lighter loads easier.
  • Less chance of injury.
  • Less chance of exhaustion or heat related illness.
  • Ability to move further, faster.

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Food For Your Bug-Out Bag:

creamed possumThe need to have 72 hours worth of survival supplies is discussed in Savannah Arsenal’s “Bunker Down or Bug Out?” page and “Gear” page.

Food for your 72-Hour Bag or Bug-Out Bag needs to be easy to prepare, light weight, and able to be stored for long-term. MREs (discussed below), freeze-dried foods, and canned foods all fulfill these requirements. Make sure that you have enough water if you plan on using the freeze-dried food option.

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Suggested Bug-Out Bag Packing List:


  • Water (bottled, 3 day supply)
  • Wide-mouth water bottle
  • Water purifier
  • MREs (or canned food with pull-top)
  • Flashlight(s) (quality LED)
  • Mulit-tool (Gerber / Leatherman)
  • Machete
  • Work gloves
  • Emergency FM / AM / weather radio
  • Batteries
  • First-aid kit
  • Small tarp
  • Small tent stakes
  • Poncho
  • Poncho liner
  • Sleeping bag (if cold)
  • Para-cord (100
  • Sterno, or stove & fuel
  • Lighters
  • Lighter fluid
  • Chem-lights
  • Sanitizing hand gel
  • Baby wipes
  • Large contractor bag
  • Small garbage bags
  • Aluminum foil
  • Small, camp size cooking pot
  • Camping flatware (“Spork”)
  • Paper towels
  • Toilet paper
  • Dry socks
  • Dry underwear
  • Gloves & beanie
  • Bandana

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Doggie Bug-Out Bag:


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