Hasty & Improvised Weapons

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Hasty Weapons Examples:

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Improvised Weapons Examples:

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Wasp & Hornet Spray:

Anyone that gives you the advise to defend yourself with wasp and hornet spray is giving you bad advise. Most wasp sprays are a poor attack stopper. Also, they are poisonous, and it is a federal crime to shoot someone with them. You may be prosecuted for using it, or even sued by your attacker for attempting to poison and disfigure them. Of course there might be circumstances where you don’t have anything else to defend yourself with, and by all means use everything at your disposal to save your own life, but do not incorporate wasp spray into your self-defense planning.  You should not preemptively plan on using wasp spray because you will probably have to stand before a judge and jury and explain why you attempted to poison someone.  Do not keep a can of wasp spray next to your bed or under the seat of your car as that demonstrates that you intended to use it for defense. If you need some type of chemical agent for self-defense, there are many types of pepper sprays on the market. Pepper spray is legal in all 50 states and you will not land yourself in court for your use of it in self-defense.

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