Tactical Rifle Manipulation




AK-47 / AKM / AK-74:

How To Hold The Kalashnikov:


How To Use The Safety Lever:


Running With The AK:


Shooting Positions:




Malfunction Clearing:

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AR-15 / M-4 / M-16:

AR-15 Proper Cheek Weld and Eye Relief:

Proper AR-15 Eye PlacementWhen shooting with magnified optics, red-dot or holographic optics, or iron sights, for proper eye relief you should have your face far enough forward on the fixed stock or retractable stock tube so that your nose is almost touching the charging handle.

AR15A2_toobig_3458In the photo to the right the shooter has their eye excessively far back from the rear sight. This is a telltale of an inexperienced shooter.

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HK-91 / HK G3 / PTR-91:

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Steyr AUG:

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