Your Survival Group


  • General Thoughts
  • Your Survival Group Members
  • Group Organization
  • Your Neighbors and Community
  • Operational Security With Your Neighbor

General Thoughts:

Lone Wolf vs. Group Effort:


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Your Survival Group Members:

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Group Organization:

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Your Neighbors and Community:

Know Who The Players Are.  Learn to recognize knowledge, skills, abilities, and assets of those around you.


  • My neighbor has a hybrid vehicle that gets 55 MPG.
  • My neighbor has a swimming pool with thousands of gallons of water.
  • My neighbor is an avid hunter that can shoot and process game.
  • My neighbor has solar panels that can charge batteries
  • My neighbor has a gas-powered generator.
  • My neighbor is an avid gardeners and produces more food than she can eat.
  • My neighbor is a surgeon.
  • My neighbor is a dentist.
  • My neighbor was an electrician in the Navy.
  • My neighbor was an emergency medical technician before she went to law school.
  • My neighbor just rebuilt the engine in his ’65 Mustang.

None of these people are whom I would describe as “preppers”, yet they each possess extremely important skillsets or assets, especially in a prolonged emergency situation.  Properly recruited and organized, their collective knowledge, skills, abilities, and assets could genuinely benefit everyone.

Teach yourself to watch and listen for key information about people that might indicate that they have skillsets and assets that might benefit you in an emergency.  Maybe your neighbor that owns a lawnmower repair business doesn’t sound like a good prepper asset, but just wait until your generator quits working on a hot night.  You are going to wish that he was your best friend.

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Operational Security With Your Neighbors:

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