Order of Preparation

Order of Preparation: Mindset — Skillsets — Assets:

You can only prepare in this order:

  1. Mindset
  2. Skillsets
  3. Assets

It would be a mistake to go out and start buying food, water, and gear (assets) if you haven’t first developed a survival mindset, and developed the skillsets to employ the assets. “Stuff” is important, but with the right mindset and skill sets you will be able to survive with less, and be able to adapt with what little you may have to survive.


Order of Preparation Commentary, submitted by “Mike”:

January 15, 2015

Order of prep: The philosophy of spread thin before stacking tall comes to mind.

Ask yourself…what will kill you first? thirst, hunger, or lack of ‘blank’? I know a lot of people with dozens of guns and 1,000’s of rounds of ammunition, that will die from lack of water. This is what we call “skip ahead”.

“The Skip Ahead”: The act of putting off buying a high priority item, to buy a more wanted, but less needed, item and delaying the high priority item. A good example would be buying a 2nd AR-15, before you buy water and food.

“The Make Do”: The act of buying/making do with, a lesser quality item that is cheaper, to free up $ to buy other same priority items. The combination of purchases is typically better than a higher quality item by itself. Example: Buying a AR-15 for $1,000 and having no money left to buy bullets…or…buying an AK-47, 10 mags, 300 rounds of ammo, and 100 gallons of water. This is similar to the “spread wide before stacking tall philosophy”.

The “skip ahead” and “make do” phrases are what we use in Mississippi. When we see a guy with very little food and water, buy a $1,000 scope for his rifle…we call that a “skip ahead”. Buy all means, get the $1,000 scope…but only after you have the more important stuff.

When a guy shows up with some old, bull-crap, used body armor for $100…we call that a “make do”. Not the best armor…but appropriate for someone who has NONE. And, if ridiculed, all he usually has to say is…”ok, so show me your armor”, and that ends the conversation. If its doesn’t, and the guy says my $1,000 interceptor vest is in the trunk…then the reply is, “well, my trunk is filled with $900 in food!”

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