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It is important that when hiking, camping, or stuck in an EOTWAWKI situation that all of your clothing be comfortable, quick-drying, and warm.  Fabrics such as polyester,polypropylene, fleece, acrylic, rayon, wood, or name brands like Polartec, Thinsulate, COOLMAX, and Capilene are just a few favorites of outdoor enthusiast, since they retain much of their insulating qualities when wet.

Try to avoid wearing down, demin, or cotton clothing.  Cotton clothing loses its insulating properties when wet.  Also, cotton does not dry quickly in the outdoors.

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Wearing white or light colored clothing keeps you cooler and they attract fewer biting insects.

Dark color are obviously better for camouflage.

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What To Wear In Different Environments:







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Ball Caps:

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Boots and Hiking Shoes:

Teva High Heels

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Socks are the most underrated, and most often ignored piece of outdoor gear.  A quality pair of socks might seem expensive at first, but it is worth its weight in gold and will make your time on the trail so much more enjoyable.

  • Never wear cotton socks for hiking.  They absorb sweat quickly and are very slow to dry.  Soggy, sweaty feel = blisters.
  • Wear only socks made of wool or synthetic fibers, or a blend of both.  They will dry quickly, wick sweat away from your feet and keep you feet more comfortable on the trail.
  • Wear socks that fit.  Make sure that your socks fit snugly.  If they are too big, the will bunch up inside your boots and be uncomfortable and might cause blisters.
  • Do not dry your socks on a stick over the campfire.  They might catch fire or melt.  Instead, wring them out and lay them on a warm rock in the sun.
  • Always pack at least three pairs of socks.  That way, you have a pair to hike in, an extra pair for hiking when the other gets wet, and a clean, dry pair for sleeping.

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Tactical Corset:

tactical corset

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Tactical Kilt:


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Sewing and Repair:

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