Citizens Band (CB) Radio


 CB Essentials:

There are 40 channels, designated 1 through 40.

Channel 9 is for emergencies. Usually monitored by police.

Channel 19 is used by commercial truckers. Monitoring this channel is a good way to monitor traffic conditions ahead of your travel route.

You may use any of the 40 CB channels on a “take-turns” basis. These channels must be shared by all CB users.

There are no channels authorized in the CB Radio Service above 27.405 MHz or below 26.965 MHz. No CB channel is assigned to any specific individual or organization (CB Rule 7).

Be cooperative. Keep your communications short. Never talk with another station for more than 5 minutes continuously. Then wait at least one minute before starting another communication (CB Rule 16).

The service is AM but also allows for SSB operation on radios that are capable.

CB, as it is called, is a two-way voice communication service for use in your personal and business activities.

Expect a communication range of one to five miles.

License documents are neither needed or issued. CB Rule 3 provides your authority to operate a CB unit in places where the FCC regulates radio communications, as long as you use only an unmodified FCC certificated CB unit (CB Rule 9). A FCC certificated unit has an identifying label placed on it by the manufacturer.

Per the FCC, there is no age or citizenship requirement.

You may operate your CB unit within the territorial limits of the fifty United States, the District of Columbia, and the Caribbean and Pacific Insular areas (“U.S.”). You may also operate your CB on or over any other area of the world, except within the territorial limits of areas where radio-communications are regulated by another agency of the U.S. or within the territorial limits of any foreign government. You may also be permitted to use your CB unit in Canada subject to the rules of Industry Canada; other countries may also allow CB frequency use but it is your responsibility to verify that prior to use.

There are no height restrictions for antennas mounted on vehicles or for hand-held units (CB Rule 8). For structures, the highest point of your antenna must not be more than 20 feet above the highest point of the building or tree on which it is mounted, or 60 feet above the ground. There are lower height limits if your antenna structure is located within two miles of an airport.

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CB Channel Frequencies:

  • Channel 1:    26.965 MHz
  • Channel 2:    26.975 MHz
  • Channel 3:    26.985 MHz   Prepper CB Network (AM)
  • Channel 4:    27.005 MHz   The American Pepper’s Network
  • Channel 5:    27.015 MHz
  • Channel 6:    27.025 MHz
  • Channel 7:    27.035 MHz
  • Channel 8:    27.055 MHz
  • Channel 9:    27.065 MHz   REACT Channel – Emergency CB radio use
  • Channel 10:  27.075 MHz
  • Channel 11:   27.085 MHz
  • Channel 12:   27.105 MHz
  • Channel 13:   27.115 MHz   Popular with campers, RV drivers, and boaters
  • Channel 14:   27.125 MHz   Federal Motor Coach Association
  • Channel 15:   27.135 MHz   Popular with California truck drivers
  • Channel 16:   27.155 MHz   Popular with ATV clubs
  • Channel 17:   27.165 MHz   Also popular with California tractor-trailer drivers
  • Channel 18:   27.175 MHz
  • Channel 19:   27.185 MHz   Primary truck driver chat channel
  • Channel 20:   27.205 MHz
  • Channel 21:   27.215 MHz
  • Channel 22:   27.225 MHz
  • Channel 23:   27.255 MHz
  • Channel 24:   27.235 MHz
  • Channel 25:   27.245 MHz
  • Channel 26:   27.265 MHz
  • Channel 27:   27.275 MHz
  • Channel 28:   27.285 MHz
  • Channel 29:   27.295 MHz
  • Channel 30:   27.305 MHz
  • Channel 31:   27.315 MHz
  • Channel 32:   27.325 MHz
  • Channel 33:   27.335 MHz
  • Channel 34:   27.345 MHz
  • Channel 35:   27.355 MHz   Australian channel
  • Channel 36:   27.365 MHz
  • Channel 37:   27.375 MHz   Prepper 37 channel
  • Channel 38:   27.385 MHz
  • Channel 39:   27.395 MHz
  • Channel 40:   27.405 MHz

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Prepper Freeband and CB Radio Frequencies:

  • CB 3  (AM) 26.9850MHz:   Prepper Channel
  • CB 36(USB) 27.3650MHz:   Survivalist Channel
  • CB 37 (USB) 27.3750MHz:   Prepper CB Network – AM
  • Freeband (USB) 27.3680MHz:   Survivalist Network
  • Freeband (USB) 27.3780MHz:   Prepper Channel
  • Freeband (USB) 27.4250MHz:   Survivalist Network
  • HAM Emergency Frequencies

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