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Night Sights:

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Pistol Magazines:

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Revolver Speed Strips and Speed Loaders:


Speed Strips vs.Speed Loaders:


Speed Loaders:


Revolver Speed Strips:

Bianchi Speed Strips:

Available with 6 round capacity for .38/.357.

Order on Amazon.


Tuff Products Speed Strips:

Available with 5, 6, and 8 round capacity for .38/.357, 10 round capacity for .22LR, 5 rounds for .3030/.410 shotgun/44/45.

Quotes from customer reviews on Amazon.com regarding Tuff Products Speed Strips:

  • “Awful. Very difficult to load. The second unit took just four rounds – the fifth would not slide into place.”
  • “These things are basically impossible to load. The first and last round are so hard to get into place that i bruised my hand pushing it into the strip. the middle three rounds are easy to load if you bend the whole strip back so the holes are bigger but then it holds its rounded bent shape. I would not recommend this for anyone.”
  • “Junk, very hard to insert rounds and plastic/rubber is too hard, get the bianchi brand.”
  • “These are a great idea, but this brand is way too stiff to get the cartridges into the pockets. They need to be more pliable.”

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Lights & Laser/Light Combos:


Lasers: Red vs. Green:

Green is supposedly brighter and easier for the human eye to see compared to red lasers. The downside is the power requirement. Green lasers drain batteries quicker, and at least for now, they’re also more expensive to manufacture.


Weapons Mounted Laser/Light Combos:

There are serveral manufacturers of weapons mounted lights that can attach to the accessory rail on modern semi-automatic pistols.  Surefire and Insight Technology are among the top manufacturers.

Some of the lights have a targeting laser built into the unit, such as the Insight Technology M6X.


Protect Your Laser-Light During Day Training:

If you are going to be conducting some heavy training with light/laser assembly attached to the pistol but you aren’t going to necessarily need to illuminate the target (daylight) you can add some masking tape over the lens to protect it from gunshot residue and make cleanup easy.


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Concealed Carry Clothing Choices:

Coming soon.

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Leather vs. Nylon vs. Kydex:

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Pocket Holsters:

Shown left is the S&W 642 in the Desantis Nemesis pocket holster. It is smooth on the inside so that the revolver will easily slide out. The outside of the holster is a sticky or tacky neoprene like material that sticks to the inside of your pocket so that it will stay in and not come out when the pistol is drawn. Although thin and lightweight, it still works great at hiding the outline of the gun through your pocket.

Desantis makes a version of the Nemesis pocket holster (similar to the one I like for the J-frame revolvers) that is great for carrying the “Baby Glocks”. Even with the magazine extension the pistol still disappears in a pair of khaki shorts, loose-fitting jeans, or a jacket pocket.
Desantis makes a Nemesis pocket magazine pouch carry an extra magazine. It easily carries a full-size magazine allowing for a seventeen round reload for 9mm and a fifteen round reload for .40 caliber.

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Inside the Waistband Holster:

Coming soon!

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Paddle Holster:

Safariland makes great paddle holsters for many type of firearms. With the paddle design you do not have to remove you belt to put on or take off the holster. Part of the holster slides down into your pants and holds the firearm snuggly in place. It is a great way to carry a Baby Glock or the full size frame (shown left).
This is Safariland’s paddle version of their twin magazine carrier. There is a screw that allows you to adjust the tension holding the magazines in their pouches. They will sit in their pouches snuggly, but are easy to pull out when needed.

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Belt Holster:



More soon!

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Fanny Pack Holster:


More soon!

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Holster Manufacturers:

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