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Today I had the opportunity to shoot Ruger’s new LCP II. I thoroughly expected to not be impressed as I had assumed that the LCP II is a marketing ploy of Ruger to continue selling just another hard-to-shoot pocket pistol. I was wrong. Two of Ruger’s most notable upgrades from the original LCP are a greatly improved trigger with a shorter takeup, crisper break and reset, and larger, easier to use sights. It is fun to shoot, and makes you look good, which I always need and appreciate.

Ruger LCP II Websites & Reviews:

LCP II Magazine Considerations:

The original LCP’s slide did not lock open on an empty magazine. The new LCP II will lock open on the last round provided that you are using the latest version of the magazine (such as provided with the gun from the factory). While the LCP II will fire reliably with either the original or latest version of the magazine, the slide will only lock back with the latest version. It is recommended that when purchasing additional magazines that you verify that they are the LCP II version. You friendly gun store owner will assure you that the magazines that he has in stock will work perfectly in your new pistol, however if they are the older version then the slide will not lock to the rear. To be sure that you purchase the correct magazine verify on the packaging that it is Ruger’s part number 90621, or order directly from Ruger.

The LCP II will not work with Ruger’s 7-round / pinky extension magazine that is sold for the original LCP.

Considerations For Carrying The Ruger LCP II Pistol:

It is okay to carry the pistol with a round in the chamber, but make sure that you use the pocket holster that is included with the pistol if you are going to carry in your pocket, or in a rigid Kydex holster if you are going to carry in an inside the waistband (IWB) or outside the waistband (OWB) holster.

As with any handgun, test fire at least two boxes of your the exact same defensive ammunition that you intend to defend your life with before trusting you life to this pistol.



Ruger LCP / LCP II And Defensive Ammunition:

Ruger LCP and Buffalo Bore Ammunition:

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Ruger LC9 and LC9ss:

In Lucky Gunner’s review of the Ruger LC9 he mentions that on the internet it is not uncommon to find people complaining that the magazines may not be reliable or lock the pistol’s slide back after the last round is fired.  I would probably skip this pistol if I was in the market for a single-stack magazine 9mm pistol, however you should read the review, watch the videos, rent one at your local range, and then decide for yourself.

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