Kel-Tec PMR-30

The Kel-Tech PRM-30, seen below, is an example of a .22 Magnum pistol. It holds 30-rounds in each magazine! That is a whole lot of survival fire power. There are mixed reviews on these pistols. Do your homework before you go out an purchase one.  Any personal reviews are appreciated here.

Nutnfancy does not allow his YouTube videos to be embedded, but his video review of the PMR-30 is thorough.  “Kel-Tec PMR-30: FN Five Seven Competition?” by Nutnfancy

This is his textual description of the video:

Out of the gate, the KelTec PMR-30 failed to impress me. With great anticipation it arrived on scene in 2011 and ran hard with us in the Eat Lead and Have No Fear Drills [see vids]. It choked lots and I was embarrassed for KelTec. In those videos I did not hold back and said how it sucked. Fast forward two years. With several changes made this generation, the PMR-30s we tested this year shot better. Generational changes are discussed. Being extremely lightweight, only 20 ounces fully loaded, the PMR is hard to shoot accurately for me. Strong adherence to the fundamentals is mandatory. But it’s firepower and cheaper ammo than the excellent FN Five Seven are huge draws to this high value gun. You will have to decide if the .22 Win Mag is adequate for your purposes; hitting power discussed. It’s extremely low recoil is a huge selling point for this fast firing, easy to control pistol. In the review, ergos, POUs, materials, durability, reliability, sights, and the quirks of the PMR-30 are discussed as I attempt to answer if it stacks against the Five Seven, saving you lots of money. Excellent CeraKote colors are now offered and shown within the video for this 2012 test and review [two shot]. Downsides remain the magazine which I suspect is the culprit of the malfunctions we encountered (although these guns were mostly reliable). I would not integrate a PMR-30 into my Bug Out kits on the account of the unsure reliability, toughness to shoot well, and dubious stopping power of the .22 mag. Nutnfancy Likability Scale: 6 out of 10.

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