11 comments on “What Distance To Zero Your .22LR Rifle

  1. I have a H&K 416D in 22lr and followed your recommendation for sight in at 25 yards. I used your ballistic table and it worked perfectly at a practice. (outdoor temp 60 degrees). Today, one week later at a match, using the same sighting technique at 100 yards (outdoor temperature 30 degrees), I could not make a hit on any of the steel I had no difficulty hitting last week? What should I have done differently, when the temperature dropped? HELP


    • First, assuming that you are using a cartridge with the same ballistics and sights that are ~2.5″ above center of bore, at 100 yards the bullet should hit approximately 2-3″ below your point of aim. I’m assuming that when you zeroed the rifle at 25 yards that your tested it out at 100 yards also and I understand that it isn’t hitting where you expect it to now.

      The only thing that I can think of that would effect your point of aim like that is that your sight might be coming loose. Make sure that all of the attachment knobs and screws are secured with blue Loctite. I’ve been shooting and seen my groups get bigger and bigger, only to eventually not even be on paper anymore. I finally figured out that my sight screws had vibrated loose.

      When you had trouble with it at 100 yards, did you go back and verify your 25 yard zero? Are you sure that your sabotaging kids didn’t turn mess with your sight adjustment knobs? How big is the steel target that you can’t hit at 100 yards?


      • I plan to bench check the 416 on wednesday when the temp is to be 30 degrees. I will use the same scope settings as nothing has changed . Plan to use 30 degree CCI 0031( ammo as I always do), and and 60 degree to determine the pattern difference at 25 (my zero) ,50, and 100 yards. I will let u know the results. The steel 100 yd target is 6 in in diameter and they graduate down to 1″. At practice I had no trouble hitting all of them.


  2. Just wanted to thank you for this post. I was playing with an online ballistic calculator to figure out a good zero for my Remington 597, and after trying 20 yards, thinking it was pretty good looking, I saw the default setting was sights 1.5″ above bore. I didn’t think it made that much of a difference since I hadn’t really heard it discussed much, but was surprised to find the trajectory became terrible when I put in an estimate of 0.5″. I thought maybe I totally misunderstood how to interpret the chart, but you told me exactly what I needed to know. Thanks!


  3. Interesting and Valuable Data and Information !
    Please keep me posted !
    USN, COMBAT VETERAN, 1969-1972 ,
    I was There in the ‘ NAM… and still scratching my head WHY I
    am STILL Here ! I AIN’T SUPPOSED TO BE !!! but…
    ” Back in the Day ” I WAS INVINCIBLE… now pushing 73 years
    come March… I just DON’T KNOW WHY ME !
    GOD BLESS ALL YOU VETERANS !!! The Rest of You


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