Home Security


“When a strong man, fully armed, guards his own palace,
his goods are safe.”

-Luke 11:21-

Home Security Philosophy:

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Home Invasion:


Fundamentals of Home Defense:

Rob Pincus’ 5 Fundamentals Of Home Defense:

  1. Evade: Run like a lil’ bitch and let the bad guy have the things you worked hard for.
  2. Baracade: Hide like a lil’ bitch inside your own home.
  3. Arm Yourself: Your hiding spot should have weapons.
  4. Make Contact With The Police: Call the cops and warn the bad guy you’re prepared to shoot him.
  5. Respond To The Threat As Appropriate: Shoot if necessary.


Harden Your Home:


Look As Though You Are Home:

  • Add timers to lamps so that lights will turn on and turn off at random times as though someone is home.
  • Have a trusted neighbor collect your mail when you are out-of-town, or have the post office hold your mail for you.
  • When you are out-of-town have a trusted neighbor park their car in your driveway so as to look like someone is home.



  • Make it difficult to break in. Add dead-bolts if you do not already have them.
  • Fit window locks to all downstairs windows, and to easily accessible upstairs windows.
  • Lock all outside doors and windows before you leave or go to bed.
  • Rekey or replace your locks. When you move into a new property or lose a key, your home needs to be rekeyed. When we moved into our home there were quite a few people who had a key to our house. The previous owner, the Realtor, the owner’s attorney, the neighbor, and goodness knows who else. It cost $75 dollars to have all exterior door rekeyed and it provided a great deal of peace of mind.
  • Change locks immediately if your keys are lost or stolen.


Exterior Doors:

Exterior doors should be made of a solid material such as wood or metal, a dead-bolt, a lock on the door knob, and a Double Strike Plate with 3-inch long screws so there are no weak points if someone attempts to kick the door down.


Alarm Systems:

Noise scares burglars away. More soon.


Motion Sensitive Security Lights:

Keep your property well-lit. Install motion sensor lighting near the exterior doors. Add solar landscaping lights to brighten up shadowed areas.

While you should install motion sensitive floodlights around your property, it is important to note several deficiencies with these systems:

  • Floodlights are only effective if someone is watching the area.
  • Unmonitored, floodlights only help criminals see what they are doing.
  • A thief that is forced to use a flashlight is much more conspicuous. A floodlight system will help them work.
  • The human eye adjusts to the brightest light around. Too bright lights conceal everything in the darkness around them.


Light Timers:

Add inexpensive timers to lamps throughout your home so that they turn on and off at random times so that it appears that someone is at home.


Security Cameras:


Yappy Little Dogs:

A study suggested that 95% of burglars would run if they came face-to-face with a large, unwelcoming dog.

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Get to know your neighbors. Neighbors that become friends can be a great resource for protecting your home while you’re away. They can collect your mail each day so that it does not pile up in the mailbox giving potential burglars the message that you are not home. They can call you or the police if they see an unfamiliar vehicle in your driveway or noise coming from your house. You can set up a neighborhood watch and keep an eye on vacant houses that are for sale. Vacant homes can attract squatters and squatters can add to crime in the area.


Social Media OPSEC:

Stop being so social! Do not use social media to announce when you are away from home.

  • 15% of Americans post tweets or updates when they leave home.
  • 35% of Americans age 18-34 check in at locations away from home.
  • 78% believe that burglars use Twitter, Facebook, and Foursquare to target which properties to rob.
  • 74% believe that burglars use Google Street View to case homes before robberies.


Stage Your Guns:

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Home Security Hacks:

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