Ruger Revolvers



Ruger GP-100 Large Frame Revolvers:

Introduction To The Ruger GP-100:

Ruger GP-100 .357 Magnum revolvers are built like a tractor and can shoot 125-grain Magnum loads all day, every day, for the rest of your life (although you will get tired of shooting them really fast). While the revolvers are built super strong, they are known for a very long trigger pull. They are fantastic general use / self-defense revolvers, but you will seldom see them in competition shooting because of their triggers.

Certain models of the GP-100 have fixed sights, and others have adjustable sights.  With the adjustable sight models you can zero with whatever you favorite ammunition load is (125 grain vs. 158 grain).  Models with fixed sights are intended for use with 158 grain ammunition. 125-grain ammunition will shoot lower than where you aim.

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Ruger LCR Pocket-Size Revolvers:

Introduction To The Ruger LCR:

It matters what kind of ammo you shoot out of these guns. Generally speaking, full-size .38 Special revolvers with 4″ barrels and fixed sights are calibrated for 158-grain ammunition, however with snubnose revolvers you may find that heavier (158-grain) ammunition shoots high, and lighter (110-grain) ammunition shoots low. Also, heavier bullets may not always reach enough velocity to fully mushroom in the target when fired from a short barrel revolver. Most snubnose .38 Special revolvers shoot best with 125 to 135 grain ammunition, both in terms of accuracy, and with terminal performance.

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