Knives & Cutting Tools


 Rule 81:  “Always have a knife on you.”

Rule 82:  “If you have to use the phrase, Can I borrow your knife?…You’re a Pussy.”

-From’s 101 Piratical Security Contractor Quotes


State Knife Possession Laws:

State Knife Possession Laws

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Types of Knife Blades:


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Axe Buying Guide:

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Edged Tool Buying Guide:

Edged Tool Buying Guide

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Types of Steel:

420HC: This steel has become more popular over the last 5-10 years having been adopted by Buck Knives, Strider, Condor, several smaller brands as well as OEM-fresh-from-China-no-name blades.  Known for its mediocre edge retention, this lower cost tool steel has extra chromium to increase corrosion resistance and added carbon for cutting power.  Heat treatment is everything.

More soon.

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