Bug-Out Vehicles

Navy Seal Patrol Vehicle




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Diesel or Gasoline?

Diesel No Panties

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Road Motorcycles:

jon motorcycle
Coming soon.

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  • Generally get the best fuel mileage of all of the four-wheel vehicles.
  • An average car will blend into the urban environment and not attract any negative attention.
  • Replacement parts are readily available, especially for the more popular make and models.


  • Don’t do well off-road.
  • Most have very little road clearance that might be required when driving over debris on the road.
  • Very little storage space.

Special Considerations:

  • All-wheel drive is better than two-wheel drive.
  • Front-wheel drive is more effective than rear-wheel drive in snow and most off-road conditions.

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Pickup Trucks:


  • They have more storage capability than most vehicles.   They are designed to carry lots of stuff.
  • Most are designed to excel off0road (if they are 4-wheel drive).
  • They usually have higher ground clearance and beefier suspension systems.
  • Because most pickup trucks are designed to work they have lots of power.  They can pull heavy loads.


  • Keep your quick access gear in the cab.  Access to storage in the truck bed requires you to exit the vehicle, which might not always be ideal.
  • Unless you have a bed cover, camper, or cap, all of your gear must be kept in waterproof containers or it will get wet.
  • It is easier for items to be stolen out of the back of unattended pickup trucks.
  • Pickup trucks are usually less fuel efficient than automobiles.

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Sport Utility Vehicles (SUV):

Coming soon.

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Coming soon.

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War Wagon:

war trailer

More soon!

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Bug-Out Vehicle Checklist:

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