5 comments on “How To Zero H&K Sights — HK-91/93 PTR-91 MP-5

  1. thank you for posting this!
    My service weapon is a model of G3 with picatinny rails. During peace time we’re not allowed to add non issued optics, but during deployment the rules are different. So I’m looking around for a scope. Could I ask you what the sight height is for a G3 with magnifying scope?

    I’m asking since I can’t measure it myself at this time, and I’m making ballistic tables to compare the BDC reticles of various scopes to the actual ballistics of a G3.


  2. I have a question. My ptr has diopter sights. The turn on it is very harsh and it bites my fingers when it finally gives and squishes me between the vertical backing posts of the drum sight. That’s one problem, but the worse problem to me is that the sight wobbles when its properly set on any number like 1,2,3,4.

    For instance, if I rotate it to 2, it clicks in and its stiff, but I can use a twist motion and it will shift left or right by 0.5mm to 1.0mm. This means that if I were to move the sight to 3 from 2, it might be off to the right, and so cause me to shoot more right, and if I switch from 2 to 3, it will land off to the left. I can use my brain and say that I switch the number, and then go back and twist it to either left or right to bottom it out in the pit that holds it in place on one side, and then use windage to make it shoot centered, and always work with that, but is there a better way to solve this so that when it clicks into place at any number its always dead-centered and can’t wiggle left or right?


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