3 comments on “Pistol Reload Techniques — The Ongoing Debate

  1. I teach both methods but emphasize racking the slide. My number one reason is the sheer multitude of different guns that I shoot. If I were to focus on only one gun then yes absolutely the the slide stop release is the faster method, however you’re only talking fractions of a second and the chance of errors increases significantly. That’s not a chance I am willing to take when life is on the line. Truth of the matter is if you find yourself, in a personal self defense situation which requires you to reload from slide lock, you probably shouldn’t have been there in the first place.


  2. HK VP40 here, 13 round mags with spacers to limit to 10 rounds for NJ compliance during frequent matches there. Spacers were carefully filed down such that slamming a loaded mag in on slide lock releases the slide. All 10 mags do it.
    Otherwise I grab the wings on the back of the slide but almost never need to to that.


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