Urban Survival


General Thoughts:

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PACE Planning:

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Urban Survival:

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Hobo Communications:

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Urban Survival Kit (USK):

Items Kept In Your Briefcase or knapsack (in addition to your EDC gear):

  • multi-tool
  • flashlight
  • pepper spray
  • booboo kit
  • cigarette lighter
  • dust mask
  • surgical gloves
  • coins for public transportation & pay phones

Get Home Bag Kept In Your Office or Vehicle:

  • comfortable walking shoes
  • bottle of water
  • energy snack bars
  • emergency blanket
  • first-aid kit / blowout kit
  • bear spray
  • whistle
  • compass
  • bandana
  • mini hygiene kit
  • small roll of Guerilla Tape
  • extra magazine(s) / ammo

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