Prepper Assets



Assets: Tactically Squared Away:

Coming soon.

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Order of Importance:

Rule of Three: “You can survive three minutes without oxygen. You can survive three days without water. You can survive three weeks without food.”

Based on the Rule of Three I would recommend that you base your preparations in this order:

  • water
  • food
  • shelter
  • medical
  • shelter
  • security

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Assets: Magnitude of Asset Allocation:

Three days, one week, one month, three months, six months, one year.

FEMA recommends that each household have enough supplies to last three days. This is an absolute minimum, but it is where you should start. This would include bottled water, canned food or MREs, flashlight(s), first-aid kits, etc. A 72 Hour Bag / Bug-out Bag Checklist can be found on the Savannah Arsenal Checklist Page. Pack the items in backpacks so that if you have to leave in a hurry (“bug-out”) it will be easily portable. Once you have a three-day kit assembled, start working on assembling enough supplies to last you one week without a trip to Wal-Mart. Gallon jugs of water, canned food, Sterno or camp stove and fuel to heat it…more later.

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Basic Assets:

  • everyday carry gear (EDC)
  • home emergency kit(s) and supplies
  • bug-out bag and go-bag
  • first-aid kits
  • car emergency kit
  • tools
  • stored water & food
  • vehicle(s)

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Advanced Assets:

  • fuel & generator
  • self-defense gear
  • medical supplies
  • swimming pool and method to clean the water
  • well
  • gardening & canning equipment
  • livestock

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