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  • LED vs. Incandescent
  • Lumens
  • Rechargeable Flashlights
  • Handheld Flashlights
  • Weapons Mounted Lights
  • Chemlights
  • Streamlight Siege LED Lantern
  • Quality Gear
  • Flashlight Blogs & Forums


Light Emitting Diode (LED) vs. Incandescent:


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Flashlight Lumen Guide

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Rechargeable Flashlights:

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Handheld Flashlights:

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 Weapons Mounted Lights:

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Streamlight Seige:

the-siege_logoedI just bought Streamlight’s new Siege LED compact lantern and used it on a camping trip last weekend. It’s the best money that I’ve spent in a long time. It provided my campsite with lots of light without the pain of using liquid fueled lanterns.

It uses 3 D-cell batteries, can shine white or red, and has multiple brightness settings. With white light on the high power setting you get 300 lumens of light for 30 hours, on medium intensity you get 165 lumens for 60 hours, and on the low intensity setting you get 30 lumens of light for 130 hours! The Siege also has a red 10 lumen mode and a red SOS flashing mode.

This is what every home emergency kit and camping gear set needs. Get yourself a solar-powered battery charger and some rechargeable D-size batteries and you will have light for a long time. It’s perfect to hang from a hook or to set in the middle of the dinner table.

They retail at Bass Pro Shop for $50, but I just saw them on Amazon in the $29 to $32 range. Get one (or several) and you won’t regret it.

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Quality Gear:

  • Streamlight
  • Surefire

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Flashlight Blogs & Forums:

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