Lever Action Rifles

John Wayne Rifle


Pros and Cons of Lever Action Rifles:


  • Legal in the majority of places in the USA.
  • Respectable capacity.
  • Wide variety of calibers.
  • Not considered “aggressive”.


  • Slow to reload.
  • Limited in ammunition capacity compared to modern rifles.
  • If a jam occurs, 9 out of 10 times that weapon is out of the fight.
  • Can be “short stroked”.
  • Lots of parts compared to a bolt action rifle.

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Lever Guns for Self Defense:

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Lever Gun Maintenance and Cleaning:

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Stay Away From Marlins Made By Remington! :

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XS Brand Ghost-Ring Sights:



XS Brand Picatinny Rails:

Marlin XS Rails and Sight



Coming soon.



Coming soon.


Butt Cuff:

Coming soon.

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Coming soon.

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