8 comments on “Advantage Arms 22LR Conversion Kits For Glocks

  1. About time makes a detailed review about AA using a silencer & both full/compact version I’ve been looking for this type of review for a while before I pull the trigger on 1(AA 17-22 gen3)


  2. So I got my advantage arms 17-22 conversion kit along with a threaded barrel & an extended 25rf mag for fun lol it runs great not a single jam. I used some Remington golden 36grain hp, cci standard velocity 40grain rn, cci suppressor 45grain hp & freedommunition hush 50grain rn. All cycled, fed & ejected fine with the exception of some duds from the golden bullets about 5 to be exact they had good strikes but just wouldn’t go pew I’ll see if I can post a video when I free some time on YouTube and post it on here. Thanks for this article it made my decision on purchasing the kit a lot easier lol


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