5 comments on “AK-47/74 Midwest Industries Extended Universal Handguard

  1. HAve you noticed any change in accuracy? nutnfancy tested AK’s with and without that rail and with it he claimed a consistent 1 to 2 MOA decrease in accuracy. Took it off and retested and regained 1 to 2 MOA. Just wondering what your experience was.


    • I have two of the same rifles. One has the handguard. One does not. When zeroing both rifles I couldn’t tell any difference between the two. After zeroing the rifle with the handguard I was able to consistently make hits on 18×18″ steel plates at 300 yards. I was also able to hit a 24×24″ plate at 500 yards after 4 or 5 attempts. If it throws off accuracy then I can tell it. I will investigate it more carefully though.


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